Monday, January 19, 2009

Sexy "Givenchy verrrry irresistible"

This perefume I received as a sample from Sephora, I selected it at the time of check-out because of the other choices were man crap and sorry dudes, I shop sephora for me...not you so to bad.

Anywho...this I took with me to work and slipped it in my pocket bcuz, i'm an in the closet smoker...and i prefer ppl not to assume that if I'm taking a potty breake it means im really sneaking off to smoke. So my point is I took this mini spray to cover up cig smells. I put it on after my first cig and I swear no lies that it makes you feel irresistible!

It triggers something in you that makes you feel confident, sexy and daring. I'll be putting this on my Valentine wish-list. I'm now wondering why I'm exposing this to you, I would hate for you to all be wearing it and being all sexy and stuff....oh-well.. luvs it!