Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eye creams Duel!

I figured I'd throw in something a little different. I like to try different moisturizers, eye creams, anti-aging products etc...

Today I am decided to test 2 eye creams 1 on each eye. Here are the 2 different creams, prices and info:

1. Cosmedicine "Optimologist" 45.002. OleHenriksen "Visual truth eye cream" 45.00

1. Cosmedicine looks exactly like bacon grease that's been sitting in a pan for an hour. Does not have a pleasant smell either. However, after I applied it to my eye, I noticed a significant difference in appearance and it definitely lifted and provided a smoother look.
Another downside though is that this product is very greasy I would not really want to sleep with it on.

2. OleHenriksen is smooth and light in texture, has a slight pleasant smell and goes on easily and dreamily, I actually really enjoyed applying this cream. Flipside, no noticeable difference in appearance or texture of eye area.

Best bet?