Saturday, January 10, 2009

D-Vine Inspiration - Asian Sensation Beauties


Ok peeps - I wanted to create a section just for my fav Asian beauties in which i've scoped out on various blogs....with their permission I have put their pix on my blog for my own inspirational beauty to-do's as well as...... well... their GORGEOUS! P.s. they have their own blogs as well... check em out!

Let me start with -xppinkx-http://xppinkxx.blogspot.com/, since I like her blog so much and think she is one of the most beautiful women I've seen, I took it up a notch and did a "mini-questionaire" and asked her to fill it out. So along with her pix, you'll get an inside look on her raves, favs, and other cool info!

And here is the 10 question, questionaire I sent to xpPinkxx - With her original responses. Enjoy she is a trip - too fun!

1. Label/brand wise, who is your absolute favorite for cosmetics?

-recently i have been all over japanese and korean brands...mainly BB creams...it's a fantabulous product.. it's basically a foundation, acne med, skin lighter, and spf in one...and it makes my skin look flawless...i can almost skip the concealer part...some brands are Dr. Jart, skinfood, and Legere to name a few. but i have ditched my old foundations and just use this...its has helped with the calrity of my skin-I love NYX i think its a AWESOME cheaper dupe to MAC-I love chanel call me a label whore at heart...i think they have really good High end makeup...esp when it comes to blushes and powders-NARS you cant go wrong with it...super pigmented and sleek...right now im loving their multiples in "copa cabana" & "st. barts"..i use the multiples to high light and contour my cheek bones...and LIP GLOSS...my fav is "turkish delight"....its that big ass kim dash's fave...like i say good enough for RAY J's fire hose...good enough for PINK!

2. Least favorite?

you know what "HATE" is a strong word but im gunna use it!-i hate LAURA MERCIER...i think all her products are overpriced and wackity wack...nothing works..their concealer almost ripped my skin it was so hard to spread...and there eyeshadows are for pussies who can't wear color-LA MER...ok i dont hate it but...it's overpriced...and for 40 dollar lip balm...im gunna toss you a jar or vasaline...it will do you just as good...and it is used for multi purposes too *ahem*
LA MER & LAURA MERCIER would be my least favorite...J LO KISS MY ASS

3. What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

-7:00 AM i slap my BF to turn on the snooze button...-7: 20 AM then i slap him again to wake him up first... -7:30 AM when its my turn i roll outta bed find some sweat pants to throw on...turn on my IPOD DOCK and try to wake the fuck up!...-7:35 i rarely take showers in the morning...i cant get up that early enough...so i just wash my face...-7:40 put on my makeup...find some clean panty hose...and slip on a dress -8:00 im out the door to catch my bus to be at work at 8:30...and im always late!

4. What's your favorite meal? (I.e. Spaghetti with meatballs, cheeseburger and fries etc.)

- gosh i have so many favorites it's really hard to choose...im such a foodie so i love anything indulgent...i cook all the time since the food in boston is shit...i really cant go out to eat in this town it really dissapoints me...so i make bi-monthly tripes to NYC to grub on japanese buttery ramen & pinkberry or pork sandwhiches from Porchetta in east village...and if i want really fresh sushi i'll hit up blue ribbon sushi...California also has the best places to eat...everything is just so fresh (sorry im having major cali withdrawls at the moment i crave IN n OUT burgers!!!) when im home i just grab recipes online and i cook myselff...or i whip up something outta my ass...and it comes out the best!...haha...i can cook vietnamese, indonesian, chinese, french, italian, spanish, greek, seafood, anything you want i can cook it without a cook book...although i do have 4 inch binder full of recipes and i have cooked them all...but seriously my favorite must be my moms steak and onions...a chinese tomato sauce ...black bean garlic clams...its homecooked and like no other! i was practically breast fed with it

5. What do you consider your best physical feature?

god...i really hate questions like this...OK you caught me im just being modest (HAHA)...im such a jerk...i think the best limb on my body are my legs...i think i have really nice legs...there not to0 slim and there not to beefy...there toned...so if i ever got into a fight...i can kick your face in pretty good or i can kick you across the room like chung li! but in winter there pale and i dont shave...but in the summer i take my babies out in coochie cutters and i lube them up all nice and tan...

6. What's your dream job/career?

-to be a food or hotel critique...and write in magazines on how we the woman of the world will break your nuts if you try to fuck with us...but seriously i would love to be a food critque...i dont care...i rather eat that look pretty...FOOOOOD IS FOR THE SOUL!!! or i can travel to micronesia and whine that my bath has to many flowers in it....

7. What's your favorite U.S. city so far?

-its a mix of both...L.A and NYC...i love L.A for the awesome weather and beaches and beautiful fake ass bitches made of restylane and silicone...and your occasional bum fight or two...and shopping and eating...i mean you can literally walk outta your house almost everyday in a tshirt and shorts and not freeze your ass off...and i like everything spread out..i like my space...and i dont mind driving...oh and they have REFER CLINICS!!! i <3333>

8. Shoes size?

-6.5 if i wanna look cute....7 if im feeling normal

9. Favorite Song?

- TRINA B R RIGHTthe baddest bitch ever...i love her!

10. What's a typical Friday like for you?

- really dont make plans...so i just wing it...i don't have a cellphone by choice...ever since i lost it when i was blasted on halloween in NYC...i never got the hurry to get a new one...and ever since then things have been a bit quieter!!!...some people can not live without there phones...i for one "CAN" live without...people can contact me throught email or IM...or through my secretary..so i get outta work at 5:30 go home turn on my comp...and i get screaming emails or IM's for drinks drugs and occasional dinner parties of someones birthday...but recently most of my time has been spent on a nice dinner out somewhere new with the Bf...have a blockbuster night at home buck naked...or have friends over for dinner and board games...you wont find me at the clubs and you just might find me at a seedy bar with my seedy friends...i shun the boston scene...and make my own...which is so much funner...